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Design and Simulation of Gabor filter using verilog HDL

Design and Simulation of Gabor filter using verilog HDL

Abstract- The most important measurement element in fingerprint recognition process is the texture of the fingerprint. The computational complexity of a fingerprint recognition process depends on fingerprint enhancement. The quality of the fingerprint image can be enhanced using Gabor filter. The objective of Gabor Filter in fingerprint recognition is to segment the texture of fingerprint. This includes the design of a single filter to segment multiple textures and the design of multiple filters to segment multiple textures. The computational efficiency becomes increasingly important as the size of images, number of Gabor prefilters, number of Gaussian postfilters, and number of textures increases.This project is developed using  Verilog HDL with Matlab.The input image is converted into pixel values and stored in text file.Gabor Filter Algorithm is developed using Verilog HDL and the input image pixel values are passed to the Verilog HDL design.The filtered values are converted into image format using Matlab.
Project Design Flow

Kernel Values

Simulation Video Demo

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