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VLSI IEEE 2018 Projects at Chennai

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PID controller is the best known as industrial process controller. It is robust in wide range of performance. However, conventional PID controller is not suitable for nonlinear system. Therefore, PID-type Fuzzy Controller is preferred in the non-linear process due to its simplicity,robustness,and variable structure. Moreover, the PID controller does not require explicit knowledge of the model of the dynamic plant, which is complex and very hard to obtain. 

The PID controller mostly can be applied to the control process such as motor drives, flight controls, high-speed trains, and others application. Improvement on the PID controller system can lead to huge effect in the control process for industrial application. Therefore, the PID-type Fuzzy controller system is investigated, design and simulated in this project.

Fuzzy system is well known with its non-linearity characteristic behavior. Therefore, the non-linear characteristic of the conventional PID controller can be improved greatly using fuzzy logic algorithm. Besides, most of the research works have done on the Fuzzy PID controller, which are, focusing on the conventional two-input PI (Proportional-Integral) or PD (Proportional-Derivative) type as proposed by Mamdani . This is because the three-inputsof PID controller are a complex task, as more parameters have to be considered in building the fuzzy rule base . It is difficult to determine the control rules for the Integral mode input as th steady state error of a system of a system is very hard to define. Therefore, the three inputs of the controller are defined as error (e), change in error(also known as Derivative), and the rate of change of error (¨also known as acceleration error). Besides it, there is no proper way of tuning method available until now. Trial-and-error tuning method is required in optimizing the controller. 

Furthermore, the number of rule base increase exponentially with the increase of membership function . If the number of input is m, and the number of membership function for each input is n, then the total number of the IF-Else rules is equal to mn.This project is to design of PID-type (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller based on Fuzzy algorithm using VHDL to use in transportation cruising system. The cruising system with Fuzzy concept has developed to avoid the collisions between vehicles on the road. The developed Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) provides a reference for controlling the vehicle speed either increase or decrease. The controlling speed depends on the distance of the preceding vehicle when it gets too close or alert the driver when necessary. The Mamdani Fuzzy Inference theory is studied, and developed in Matlab package at first for designing the PID-type FLC hardware system. The behavioral of the PID-type FLC algorithm is then simulated using Verilog/VHDL language. 

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