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VLSI IEEE 2018 Projects at Chennai

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With today’s technology and tomorrow’s needs are taken in mind, the new products are published in the market to fulfill the current as well as future needs. To achieve the goal we have to develop an integrated environment. Today there are several technologies emerging out to capture the high end market. Keeping all the above in mind, This project also emphasize an integrated environment. This Project uses the current technology advancements i.e., Global Positioning System(GPS) , Global System for Mobile(GSM) and Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design(VLSI). In this Project , we mainly concentrate on the Home Automation System i.e ., to control the home appliances.  


Advancements in Modern communication technology can effectively be used to provide solutions and improve quality and efficiency of our transportation system. ATS is a fleet tracking, security and management solution for owners of vehicles to obtain information on the location and status of each vehicle in real-time.     

This project is an integrated environment, which integrates the wireless information device i.e., Global Positioning System (GPS), Wireless Mobile Communication i.e., Global System for Mobile’s(GSM ) Short Messaging Service(SMS)  and VLSI Technology i.e., Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) Implementation. 


This project is based on the SMS-Short Message Service, which is generated whenever the switch goes high to low. The UART receiver receives the data from GPS and it is compared with Device Data Acquisition and the corresponding device is controlled, i.e switch goes high to low. UART transmitter will send an SMS to the mobile with the information with the help of cellular networks.

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