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VLSI IEEE 2018 Projects at Chennai

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Weather Monitor is a microcontroller based Temperature, Humidity and pressure data acquisition. The aim of the project is to develop a small weather station that can monitor the parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity in our environment. This project enables us to build our own weather station instead of relying on other resources to monitor these parameters.

This project makes use of the 87C52 microcontroller, an 8-bit microcontroller for for monitoring the environmental parameters. This project makes of a combined Temperature and humidity sensor with an inbuilt ADC for converting the voltage into the digital value. This arrangement is such that the microcontroller sends the commands to initiate the transmission between the temperature sensor and the microcontroller. 

Once the transmission is initiated, the temperature starts sending the digital output from the ADC to the microcontroller ports. The data from the ports is received and the calibration is done to calculate the temperature value. The same process is repeated for the humidity and the pressure sensors. The Measured values are sent to the LCD for display.

This project can be applied in many monitoring applications such as Automotive, Test and Measurement, data logging, Aviation controls, engine controls and weather monitoring and reporting station.

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